blog post: About Us

We are a mother/daughter team and this book is our first co-creation! When Lori came up with the idea for this alphabet book about positive ways of being, she wanted Anouk create the images because she wanted to work with her (grown) daughter on the project and she loves her whimsical characters and the patterns that are prominent throughout her work. We love the result and hope you do, too!

Lori Tuominen (mom/writer) is a coach/educator whose practice is steeped in positive psychology. She lives with her husband in the hills of Western Massachusetts and can be found trompsing through the woods there when she’s not visiting her four children and their families in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Anouk Holm (daughter/artist) is an illustrator, cartoonist, and writer from the Twin Cities, Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and 16-month-old son. She posts daily comics to her Instagram account, @anoukholm.